Our Programmes

Does your training lack a system or structure?   

Do you struggle to find time to educate your team to perform at the highest level?  

Would you like support and guidance creating a consistent culture within your salon whilst building team loyalty and stylists of the future?  

Our mission is to support every salon in creating their own bespoke step by step programme that is easy to follow, manage and understand. Creating a strength in your salon culture, and achieve your goals. 



Do you have an education plan for your apprentices but not your stylists? 

Do you lose stylists due to lack of progression? 

Do you have new stylists who need to learn your salon culture? 

Do you need a plan to fill your stylists white space with education?

This programme will give you the plan to create bespoke tailor made education plans for your stylists. Showing them you care about their careers along with their personal and professional development. This programme can be created to deliver education on set days or used to fill white space in your stylists diaries.  

Do you love the idea of becoming an educator but unsure how?  

Do you teach but struggle get your learners to understand what you are teaching?

Does your education programme lack structure and organisation?

Do you struggle to plan what you teach and structure your sessions?

This programme will give you the tools to become an effective educator, from preparation to course delivery. Get to know delivery styles, understanding the importance of planning, engaging with your students. This is the perfect programme for anyone who delivers in salon training, leads team meetings, or delivers education on a wider scale.