My Philosophy

My hair cutting education philosophy is centred on teaching students the importance of understanding why they do what they do and inspiring them through simple, small adjustments to their technique and process that result in huge positive results. 

In my view, a hair stylist must be able to understand the underlying principles behind hair cutting techniques and the rationale for their use. By instilling this understanding in my students, they will be able to confidently explain their techniques to clients and adapt to the unique needs of each individual's hair.

To accomplish this goal, I believe in starting with the basics and building a strong foundation of knowledge.

In addition to technical knowledge, I also believe in providing students with inspiration through simple, small adjustments to their technique. By showing them how small changes can have a big impact on the final outcome of a cut, they will be motivated to continually improve and experiment with their approach. Providing them with a new found confidence in themselves and their ability. 

Overall, my hair cutting education philosophy is focused on instilling a deep understanding of the principles and techniques of hair cutting while also inspiring students to continually improve their craft through thoughtful adjustments.